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The Private Skin Laser Clinic
Dermatology Department,
Clinic 6 First Floor,
Royal Free Hospital
Pond Street,
London, NW3 2QG

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Laser hair removal London NW3

Professional skin laser treatments for unwanted hair, tattoos, thread veins and age spots.

The private Skin Laser Clinic at the Royal Free Hospital London has been providing professional laser hair removal since 1997.

About the Clinic

The Skin Laser Clinic is a private practice operating from within the dermatology department of the Royal Free Hospital, London. These services are independent of the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust.

Customer Reviews

For details of our cosmetic dermatology treatments such as minor surgery, chemical peels and a range of wrinkle treatments please visit:

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For advice on treatments for acne scarring please visit:

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Laser Hair Removal

Remove Hair By Laser, London Clinic

We can laser all body parts and skin types. The best results are achieved with coarse dark hair. We use either an Alexandrite laser or a long pulsed Nd:YAG laser more

Remove Tattoo By Laser, London Clinic

Laser Tattoo Removal

Fade unwanted tattoos with our Q-switched Nd:YAG laser. Using differing wavelengths, we can effectively fade a range of colours and ink types more

Laser Thread Vein & Rosacea Treatment

Treatment of Thread Veins by Laser, London Practice

The pulse dye laser & IPL are very effective at treating facial thread veins and the symptoms of Rosacea. Please read our detailed advice sheet before considering treatment more

Laser Age Spot Removal

Laser Treatment of Age Spots

Age spots and some types of brown marks usually respond well to laser treatment, however depending on the diagnosis, alternative treatments may be given more

Royal Free Hospital London

NHS skin laser treatments are also available for conditions considered appropriate for NHS treatment by your local NHS Care Commissioning Group. These are likely to be conditions acquired through disease, accident or birth, but will depend on local contracts. A referral letter from your GP is required.