For lots of us, facial thread veins are a fact of life. Around one in five women in their 20s have thread veins and half of women in their 40s. By the age of 70, 70% of women have thread veins on their face and/or legs. That’s not to say that men are immune – men now account for 40% of procedures carried out to remove thread veins; many of these treatments are for ‘drinker’s nose’, red spider veins on the nose often caused by alcohol consumption.

A question we’re asked a lot is whether facial thread veins are preventable?

Certainly, some varicose and spider can’t be prevented – factors such as genetics, age, and hormones all play their part in whether or not you’ll suffer from facial thread veins. Women, in particular, are prone to facial thread veins because of the hormone fluctuations caused by pregnancy, childbirth, and the menopause.

That being said, there are steps that you can take to help prevent some facial thread veins from developing.

Avoid sun exposure

Many facial thread veins are caused by sun damage to your skin, which is also the root cause of lots of other facial blemishes and skin problems. Wear sunscreen to protect your skin and try to stay out of the sun during the hottest parts of the day – this should help to prevent facial thread veins.

Exercise regularly

We all know that regular exercise is good for us. If you’re finding it hard to get motivated, an added incentive is that exercising regularly can boost your leg strength, circulation and vein strength, which can help to stop thread veins from developing. While exercising such as running and walking are particularly good for your leg veins, your overall circulation will benefit too.

Watch what you eat

A diet that’s low in salt and rich in high-fibre foods can help to prevent leg and facial thread veins appearing, as well as reducing your chances of developing varicose veins.

Food and drink such as alcohol, spicy foods, strong cheese, soy sauce, liver, tomato, citrus fruits, and vinegar have been found to aggravate facial thread veins, so you might want to try cutting these out of your diet for a few weeks and then reintroducing them one at a time to see whether your complexion improves.

Foods such as buckwheat, grapes, tea and apples are mean to be fantastic for strengthening your capillaries.

Take a warm shower

As tempting as it can be to take a piping hot shower or bath, especially during the cold winter months, hot water can damage your capillaries and cause facial thread veins to appear. Instead, opt for a warm shower or bath that is gentle on your skin.

Increase your Vitamin K intake

Vitamin K helps blood to clot after an injury or surgery, and can be beneficial for preventing or improving thread veins. Vitamin K is found in foods such as leafy green vegetables, prunes, avocados, and Brussel sprouts. You may also want to look for skincare products rich in Vitamin K.

Treatment for facial thread veins

If you already have facial thread veins, there are treatments such as pulsed dye laser treatment and sclerotherapy that we can use to improve or even remove the thread veins that are giving you an uneven complexion.

Here at The Private Skin Laser Clinic, we treat people with facial thread veins in North London and the surrounding areas. As we are all experienced dermatologists, we can also give you advice about protecting your long-term skill health above and beyond the suggestions above.

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