how to treat facial thread veinsThread veins are usually found on areas like the legs and mostly appear on any area of the body beneath the heart, but facial thread veins are incredibly common on the face too. Whether across the cheeks or streaking down the nose, a lot of people think that their facial thread veins prematurely age them. They may be associated with ageing skin, but thread veins are increasingly common in those in their 20s and 30s. Nevertheless, many people choose to have them treated and removed, but how do you remove facial thread veins?


The treatment process

Treating thread veins are often red or purple in colour, which is an essential characteristic to this treatment. We use a pulse dye laser that emits a powerful yellow light. This light is absorbed by the red colour in your thread veins and it quickly turns to thermal energy or heat. This heat energy then damages the veins, sometimes destroying them in one treatment. The damage caused breaks down the veins so that they are reabsorbed by your body. Because this light is only absorbed by red, it only damages the thread veins and not the surrounding tissue. This makes treatment on your face and in sensitive areas like your nose much safer, because healthy skin isn’t damaged by this laser light. The flash of the light is also very brief, so there is no long exposure time to a sensation that may be a little uncomfortable.


How to take care of your skin after treatment

As with many minor procedures, there is some aftercare advice you should adhere to. A sun tan blocks the laser light from penetrating your skin, so avoid the sun or use a strong sun block before and during your course of treatment. Keep this area as pale as possible. After treatment, avoid getting the treatment area wet for too long. A quick shower or face wash is fine, but do not let the area become soggy and always carefully pat it dry. If you wear makeup, try to wait two or three days before applying any to the treated area. When you do, apply it gently and avoid rubbing movements. You shouldn’t need any dressing on the area provided you resist picking and scratching it when it becomes slightly irritated. Be gentle with it and it will be gentle with you!


Are thread veins on your face treated differently to those on your legs?

Yes, facial thread veins and leg thread veins are treated differently, because they have different needs and considerations. While facial thread veins are treated laser light, leg thread veins are treated with micro-sclerotherapy. This treatment involves injecting a solution into the affected veins that makes their walls swell. The vein walls eventually swell so much that they touch the opposing wall, closing off the vein and causing it to become obsolete. The body then breaks down and absorbs the treated vein at no complaint to your system.


Treat your facial thread veins this winter with the Private Skin Laser Clinic in London today. Due to a probable lack of sun tan during these dimmer days, there has never been a better time to treat the thread veins on your face. Enquire online or speak to a member of the team on 020 7435 7521 to book your consultation today!