Tattoo Removal in LondonMany people are exceptionally proud of and love their tattoos. Whether it has sentimental value, or you just still have an appreciation for the design. However, some can have immense regret for their ink. The tattoo may have been an impulsive decision, one made whilst very intoxicated, a reminder of a relationship you’re no longer in or it may represent a set of ideals and values that you no longer hold. For these people, their tattoo is a constant reminder of the person they used to be. It’s these people that tattoo removal would benefit.

Whilst attending their consultation at The Private Skin Clinic, the majority of people are filled with questions and concerns about the treatment. This can be regarding pain, cost and longevity. In this post, we’ll answer some of the most common questions we’re asked regarding laser tattoo removal to hopefully clear up some queries you may have.


  1. How much does tattoo removal cost?

The most common question. It is very well known that tattoo removal does cost quite a bit more than having a tattoo, due to the amount of sessions needed to remove the ink as much as possible. The final cost is also dependent on the size and type of tattoo you have. The whole tattoo is treated during each session, with many treatments possibly needed. At your consultation, we’ll clearly and in detail map out your timeline for treatment so you understand how many sessions are needed to achieve your optimum results.


  1. How long will it take to remove my tattoo? 

We completely understand that the duration of treatment is a big concern for the majority of our patients. Many people want to have a tattoo removed by a set date, for a big event such as a wedding or starting a new position and the employer has a problem with your tattoos. Unfortunately, it’s extremely difficult to give a definitive answer of when you will arrive at your desired results. Tattoo removal is very much reliant on your body’s ability to eliminate the ink from your skin. Meaning it’s not actually unusual for your treatment can last over 12 months. Although this is disheartening to hear, we’ll always be completely honest with you regarding your treatment plan and any updates we feel is necessary.


  1. Does tattoo removal hurt?

We would be lying to our patients if we claimed the treatment to be completely painless. However, the strength of the pain is often vastly exaggerated. Many patients compare the feeling to a spatter of hot fan from a frying pan. It is very uncomfortable, but totally bearable. If you’re feeling particularly nervous about the treatment, an hour before you can apply a topical numbing cream to the area.


  1. Are there any side effects to laser tattoo removal? 

The treatment poses no risk to your health, the side effects are purely visual. The treated area will swell, appear red and will scab over after your treatment. It’s also not unusable for the area to blister. If this does happen, you must refrain from picking and scratching any scab or blister, as this increases the chance of scarring. Dressing shouldn’t be needed as long as the area is not irritated.


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