Facial Thread Veins

If you feel self-conscious about facial thread veins, then laser skin treatments could offer a solution. We’ve been using lasers to treat facial thread veins since 1995 and have seen some outstanding results. When you come to the clinic, which is based in the Dermatology department of the Royal Free Hospital in London, one of our experienced doctors will assess your facial thread veins and put together an individual treatment plan designed to give you the best outcome.

How can lasers be used to treat facial thread veins?

We use Cynosure’s pulse dye laser to treat facial thread veins. This works by emitting a powerful yellow light, which is absorbed by the red colour in your thread veins and then turns to heat, selectively damaging the targeted veins. Because the flash of light is so brief, it doesn’t heat up your surrounding healthy skin tissue, which means that scarring is unlikely.

Can laser treatment help me?

To determine whether pulse dye laser treatment would be the most effective option for your facial thread veins, we will need to see you for an initial consultation. We will then be able to advise you on the most appropriate treatment.

Why come to the Private Skin Laser Clinic for facial thread vein removal?

Although many salons now include laser treatments as part of their offering, very few can offer our level of experience in facial thread vein removal using pulse dye laser treatment. We’ve been in practice for 20 years and our doctor-led team actively contributes to research that is shaping the use of lasers in medicine and facial aesthetics. We are able to draw on this extensive experience to give you the best possible outcome. Our approach is honest, direct and compassionate.

Facial thread veins laser removal frequently asked questions

The Pulse Dye Cynergy laser was designed to treat Port Wine Stain birthmarks and also delivers excellent results for facial thread veins nearer the surface of your skin; small veins on the side of your nose can be tougher to treat.

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Treatment Prices
Consultant Dermatologist first consultation and test shots £200
0 - 10 shots £100
11 - 30 shots £130
31 - 50 shots £160


  • What is involved in facial thread vein removal using pulse dye laser treatment?

    As we mentioned above, pulse dye laser treatment works by damaging your thread veins so that they break down and are reabsorbed by your body. This treatment carries minimal risk of scarring because the flash of light from the laser is so brief.

    The laser flashes feel like being zapped by an elastic band. If necessary, a numbing cream can be used one hour before your treatment. Spider veins may only need a few flashes, but Port Wine Stains will need many.

    Immediately afterwards the skin will be bruised with some surrounding redness and swelling. The bruises go a deep purple colour. The treated area will feel warm for a while after your treatment. It is unusual for blisters to occur, but some crusts or scabs may form. These appearances last a week to ten days.

    Usually, we’ll carry out a few test shots first. This is to assess the correct power level. If the results are good then, at your next visit, larger areas can be treated. Broken veins generally need two or three treatments, with eight weeks between them. Port Wine Stains need more treatments, usually over a couple of years.

    For many people, there is a considerable emotional burden from looking different and we recognise that the appearance of facial thread veins may be impacting on your confidence. We are all sensitive to what other people think of us and sometimes learning how to cope with this can be more useful than the laser treatment. Please ask the doctor for more details if you would like to talk to someone about how facial thread veins are making you feel.

  • What are the unwanted effects of laser vein treatment?

    Pigment changes are the commonest unwanted effect.

    A light brown stain may remain after the bruising has cleared. This takes months to fade. Darker skin types contain pigment that blocks the laser light. This makes the treatment less effective, and the laser can make the skin darker.

    The laser can also remove the brown pigment from the skin and leave a white mark. It is important to never have treatment when you have a tan. Scarring is a potential problem but is very rare. If it does occur, it is usually in the form of some change in texture of the skin, which may return to normal in time. In some individuals a thick (keloid) scar can develop.

    Laser light can bring out cold sores. If you are taking anticoagulant tablets such as Warfarin extra care is needed, so do make sure the doctor knows.

  • What is the laser vein treatment aftercare?

    A sun tan blocks the laser light, so avoid the sun or use a strong sun block (SPF 20 or more) before and during the course of treatment. Keep the area to be treated as pale as possible.

    Avoid prolonged wetting of the treated area. A quick shower will not cause problems, but do not let the area get soggy.

    Try to wait two or three days before applying any make-up. Apply gently by dabbing, avoid rubbing, and, once applied, leave the make-up on rather than remove it.

    Be gentle with the treated area until it has settled down so as to minimise the risk of scars. It should not need a dressing as long as you can resist picking and scratching.

    If redness increases around the bruises, especially if accompanied by crusting or weeping, contact the clinic or your own doctor as it may be infected.

  • How much does Pulse Dye laser Treatment cost?

    Please refer to Fees for current pricing.

  • Can The Private Skin Laser Clinic treat thread veins on the legs?

    Thread veins on the legs are best treated by micro-sclerotherapy. This service is provided by Claire Judge on the 12th floor of the hospital. Appointments with Claire can be made on 020 7317 7751.