Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment Process

Do you have tattoos that no longer reflect you, or you simply don’t want anymore? With the Private Skin Laser Clinic in London, tattoos do not have to be for life. We can fade or in some cases even totally remove your tattoos or permanent makeup. If you have ever wondered how laser tattoo removal works and whether it could benefit you, then look no further than the Private Skin Laser Clinic.


We will always begin your treatment journey with an individual consultation. Here we can assess the treatment area, the size of the tattoo, and estimate how many sessions of laser tattoo removal treatment you will need to reach your best results. You can ask us any questions at this point, so you can feel safe and confident in our expert care.

Laser Tattoo Removal

We use a laser with two separate wavelengths, the Q-switched Ng:YAG laser, that allows us to treat different coloured inks. This laser emits a bright light that heats up and breaks down your tattoo ink, which your body then clears ready for the next layer of ink particles to be targeted at a later session. You may need repeat appointments to reach your best result.


Keep your treated area clean and dry while it is healing. We will schedule follow-up appointments and repeat sessions with you until we reach your optimal result, so we will track your progress and any changes together. We are skilled in handling any complications should they arise, but this is a common treatment that we are confident and experienced in.


  • What does laser tattoo removal feel like?

    It is uncomfortable, like having the tattoo first done, and can be likened to the spatter of hot fat from a frying pan. If you worry about discomfort, you may apply a topical numbing cream to the skin one hour before treatment. This is available without prescription.

  • Are there any side effects for laser tattoo removal?

    The treated area will swell, appear red and scab after treatment, and you may even blister. This is perfectly normal so please refrain from picking at any scabs or blisters as this heightens the chances of scarring and infection. You shouldn’t need a dressing as long as you don’t irritate the area.

  • What do I need to know about tattoo removal aftercare?

    A sun tan gets in the way of the laser light, so avoid the sun or use a strong sunblock before and during treatment. Keep the area as pale as possible.

    You should not need any dressings if you avoid picking and scratching at the treatment area, and any blisters should be left to naturally heal.

  • How much does laser tattoo removal cost?

    This depends on the individual tattoo and the length of treatment needed – certain coloured inks like green can be much harder to treat.

    As a rough guide, a small one-inch tattoo costs £80 for each treatment. The whole tattoo is treated at each visit and the treatment is repeated every one to two months.

    A larger forearm tattoo might cost £160 per session for the first eight treatments.

    Cosmetic tattoos are more complex and can be made worse by laser treatment. An assessment by a consultant dermatologist is required. This costs £240.

    Please refer to Fees for current pricing.

  • Is laser tattoo removal for me?

    If you have a tattoo that no longer reflects you, then laser tattoo removal with the Private Skin Laser Clinic in London may be for you. Call 020 7435 7521 to arrange a consultation and begin your tattoo removal journey.