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How can IPL treatments be used to treat rosacea?

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ipl-blogDoes your face go red after just one glass of wine? Perhaps you get a strange livid bright rash after having a shower? Rosacea is a condition which appears quickly once you’ve been exposed to whatever triggers a reaction and it can be very embarrassing. It manifests itself as a deep blush, or sometimes it looks similar to sunburn.

People who are unaware that you suffer with rosacea may think that you’ve had too much alcohol when you haven’t, or that you are blushing when you’re not. The skin flashes red across the cheeks, nose and forehead before disappearing. More advanced symptoms occur after you’ve had the condition for a while. Blood vessels under the skin may become visible. You may experience spots and pimples. Itching, burning and stinging sensations are also common.

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Laser treatments in the South East – The benefits of laser hair removal

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Laser Hair Removal North London South East | Hair Removal South East Laser Hair RemovalWith summer just around the corner, aren’t you tired of shaving your legs every day? It’s certainly not as simple as booking a laser hair removal appointment. Perhaps you’ve had waxing treatments before, either at the salon, or from a home kit. It hurts, doesn’t it? Yes, it’s effective, but for the amount of pain you have to go through every few weeks, wouldn’t you prefer to choose a solution that will provide a more long term results, using a treatment method that doesn’t make you scream out loud or bring tears to your eyes? Laser hair removal is the most effective and pain free way to have hair professionally removed from your body and the more sessions you have, the thinner the regrowth!.   Read More…

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