9At our laser skin clinic near Hampstead, we don’t just offer laser treatments. We also offer a range of facial aesthetics, and our dermatologists are experts in identifying and relieving a range of skin concerns – such as through rosacea treatment.

Understanding rosacea

Rosacea is a chronic concern that causes a red, bumpy rash to appear on the face, and can lead to itching, stinging and burning of the skin. While it’s not really known what’s behind the condition, several factors can exacerbate it, from stress to sunlight, to diet and exercise. It also typically presents in those with fair skin.

Easing symptoms

Thankfully, when it comes to rosacea treatment, there’s lots the team at our laser skin clinic recommend – and in this post, we’ll focus on what you can do at home to help manage the condition.

  • Say hello to natural skincare

What you put on your skin can have a huge impact on how it looks and feels – and can sometimes aggravate skin conditions. This is especially true with rosacea treatment, where you may need to switch up the skincare and make-up you’re using in your daily routine. At our laser skin clinic, we always recommend choosing more natural-based products, as these can contain essential water, oils and nutrients that the skin needs. But, it’s also important to bear sun protection in mind, with sunlight being a factor linked to rosacea symptoms.

  • You are what you eat

Diet plays a huge part in the health of your body, mind and skin – and, surprisingly, in rosacea treatment, as where certain foods and drinks cause inflammation, others control it. That’s why our laser skin clinic specialists call it a question of balance! In addition, foods that are hot and spicy have been found to worsen rosacea.

  • Don’t get too hot and sweaty

Symptoms of rosacea can worsen in extremes of temperature – so start the day off with a mild shower, rather than a steaming hot one. Keep yourself protected while out and about in the sun, and wrap up warm on colder, windy days. Finally, when exercising, stick to mild activities that won’t get you too hot and bothered.

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If you’re interested in further methods for rosacea treatment, either at-home or in-clinic, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at our laser skin clinic today.