Laser treatment is the perfect, non-invasive way to rid your skin of unwanted blemishes and tattoos, without resorting to surgery. You don’t have to schedule recovery time into your life and you don’t have to worry about how scarred you’ll be, because you won’t have any scarring! It’s unsurprising that more and more people are seeking laser treatment to rid themselves of regretted tattoos, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, as well as unwanted body and facial hair, but what should you expect from laser treatment?

Here at the Private Skin Laser Clinic, in the corner of the Royal Free hospital in London, we pride ourselves on our doctor lead team of highly experienced laser practitioners. We frequently exceed customer expectations and provide an environment that is modern, comfortable and relaxing. The time your procedure takes will vary depending on the size of the area you’re having treated, but to help you prepare for your treatment, we thought we’d supply you with our top 10 tips for London-based laser treatment.


  • Laser treatment is not effective on tanned or sunburned skin. Stay out of the sun for a few weeks before your appointment is due.
  • Skin upon which fake tan has been applied will also provide a less than optimal result. It’s best to have skin that isn’t tanned. This doesn’t mean that darker skin tones can’t have laser treatment. Your skin type is not what alters the results, but rather the changes your skin have experienced.
  • Laser treatment often involves heating the skin. You will be advised to drink plenty of water before your treatment begins to ensure you’re properly hydrated.
  • If it’s possible to choose an appointment time when you’re not menstruating, you may find treatment more comfortable. High hormone levels often cause your skin to be more sensitive.
  • If you know you have a low pain threshold, or you’re nervous about experiencing discomfort, please don’t be. You can request anaesthetic numbing cream to be applied before hand.
  • Your skin will not be completely hair free forever following laser hair removal. The number of sessions you’ll need to make a significant difference to the amount of hair regrowth you experience, will vary with each person.
  • Make sure you tell your practitioner about any medication you are taking during your initial consultation. You may be asked to stop taking aspirin or ibuprofen-derived products for a time period beforehand.
  • Have realistic expectations about what the laser treatment will do for you. Tattoos will take a while to fade, hair takes awhile to become more sparse in its regrowth and when having anti ageing laser treatment, allow a short while for collagen levels to increase significantly enough for you to notice a difference in your skin.
  • Expect to have a patch test performed to ensure you don’t have a bad reaction to the treatment.
  • Follow the after-care advice your practitioner gives you and stay away from perfumes, deodorants and hot showers for 48 hours afterwards.


To enquire about all the different kinds of laser treatment we offer, please give our talented team a call. We’ll be happy to answer any questions, guide you towards the most appropriate laser treatment for you and book you in for your initial consultation.