If you live in the North London area and you’re concerned about your skin, there’s a chance our expert team at The Private Skin Laser Clinic can help. We are located in the dermatology department of the Royal Free hospital and have many years of experience in providing safe and effective laser treatment for a large range of skin complaints.

If you have coloured marks on your skin, recurring pimples or an issue with a tattoo that you regret, there’s a good chance we can reduce the aesthetic impact of the problem and help you feel more comfortable with your appearance. Although we do advise that in the first instance you attend a consultation with one of our dermatological experts to get a professional diagnosis and treatment plan, here’s an overview of the various conditions we treat:

Rosacea: This is when the skin, triggered by external factors, temperature, diet or other stimulants, flushes red periodically. More severe than a simple blush, rosacea can lead to permanent thread veins and acne problems, with the condition getting progressively worse over time.

Sun damage: Freckles, age spots and some pigment problems are caused by sun damage, giving you prominent coloured marks against an otherwise even skin colour. Removing sun damage will not only give you a more even overall skin colour, but it can also have a rejuvenating effect, particularly as age spots are associated with older skin tissue.

Moles, birth marks and red freckles are permanent marks that you may have been born with, or have proliferated over time. Moles in particular may require extra medical attention if they are itching, changing in size or causing you concern, other than simply by being prominent on your face or body. But, once deemed safe, we can effectively remove them.

What does laser treatment in North London involve?

The type of laser treatment you require, depends on the skin problem you are having treated. For instance rosacea is treated using IPL, which stands for Intense Pulsed Light and is administered using a flash lamp. Pulse Dye Lasers are also used on rosacea, to treat thread veins; the light energy heats the thread veins, causing the body to reabsorb them. An additional benefit of the treatment is the warming of collagen fibres, which gives the skin an extra boost. The procedure is not painful.

Skin problems like age spots respond better to a Yag laser, which shines through the surface of the skin to break up the pigment underneath. It feels like an elastic band snapping against your skin, but should not be more painful than that.

If you’d like to find out exactly which skin conditions we can treat and how we treat them, please get in touch with our expert team here at our North London clinic. We’ll be able to arrange a consultation with you to decide upon and implement the most appropriate course of action for you.