ipl-blogDoes your face go red after just one glass of wine? Perhaps you get a strange livid bright rash after having a shower? Rosacea is a condition which appears quickly once you’ve been exposed to whatever triggers a reaction and it can be very embarrassing. It manifests itself as a deep blush, or sometimes it looks similar to sunburn.

People who are unaware that you suffer with rosacea may think that you’ve had too much alcohol when you haven’t, or that you are blushing when you’re not. The skin flashes red across the cheeks, nose and forehead before disappearing. More advanced symptoms occur after you’ve had the condition for a while. Blood vessels under the skin may become visible. You may experience spots and pimples. Itching, burning and stinging sensations are also common.

Common triggers include diet, skin care products, stress, alcohol, hot or cold temperatures, the weather and physical exertion. The condition affects approximately 10% of adults, is most common in people between 30 and 60 years of age and can be distressing enough to have a significant effect on your social and professional life.


About IPL treatments for rosacea

IPL is intense pulsed light flashed out from the IPL machine’s extremely bright light source. Dangerous wave lengths are filtered out and being exposed to light in this way is not believed to be any untoward side-effects.

Your visible blood vessels, or thread veins as they are known, will become hot. This damage to them encourages the body to reabsorb them. As well as successfully treating thread veins, the IPL treatment also stimulates your body into producing new collagen. Collagen is key for youthful looking skin and will help repair the damage left by roseacea. Although the treatment process itself may cause mild discomfort, it doesn’t hurt. After several sessions, the skin problems caused by roseacea should be significantly improved.


Treatment for rosacea at the private skin laser clinic in London

We have been treating the redness and broken veins caused by rosacea, here in our doctor-led clinic in the corner of the Royal free hospital in London, for over 20 years. Our patients have enjoyed great results and return to us when their skin again becomes affected. It’s worth bearing in mind that although we can improve your appearance, we cannot cure the condition.

If you’d like to find out more about being treated for rosacea, why not book a consultation with us. A patch test will be included and it will give us an idea of how successful the treatment will be. To book a consultation now, please give our friendly team here a call. We will be able to find you an appointment at a time that is convenient for you.