One of the most common misconceptions about how laser tattoo removal works is that the treatment burns away the tattoo ink using the heat from the laser. In fact, there is no burning involved. If done correctly by a laser tattoo removal specialist such as The Private Skin Laser Clinic, you should not experience any burns or scarring.

Instead, the easiest way to describe the process is that the wavelengths from the laser light turn the tattoo ink from a liquid into a solid, shattering the ink into tiny particles that break down and are absorbed and expelled by your body’s lymphatic system. It can take four to six weeks for the broken ink molecules to leave your body and you may need a number of treatments to get the best results.

The success of laser tattoo removal is dependent on several factors. If you have a tattoo that features mostly or entirely black ink, then you should experience quicker and more noticeable results. This is because black ink absorbs all of the laser light and fades more than any other colour.

On the flipside, green ink can be highly resistant to laser treatment so, while we may be able to fade the green ink in a tattoo substantially, we may not be able to remove it altogether. If you have an Indian ink tattoo (which people often use to create their own tattoos), this may be relatively easy to remove, whereas professional tattoos that feature many colours may not disappear altogether.

It’s best to approach laser tattoo removal with realistic expectations – something you should get from your consultation – as this process can take time and patience. Larger or particularly colourful tattoos may need a course of treatments over the course of several months up to a year.

If you come to The Private Skin Laser Clinic for laser tattoo removal in London, we will want to look at the size of your tattoo, its age, the colours used, where it’s located on your body, and whether you’ve had previous laser treatment on the tattoo.

Life’s too short for regrets. If you have a tattoo that you would like to remove, book a consultation for laser tattoo removal in London by calling 020 7435 7521.