laser-hair-removalWould you like to have smooth, hair-free legs, not just for the summer, but for the foreseeable future, eliminating the need to spend long hours of your life shaving? Laser hair removal treatment from our North London clinic reduces hair regrowth by up to 80% after several sessions. This means that it’s not just this summer you’ll enjoy without stubble or shaving rash, but every summer after as well.

How does laser hair removal work?

During this treatment our special laser will heat up your hair follicles to render then permanently inactive. However, it’s only hair that is in its active growing phase at the time you have your treatment, that will be affected. This is why more than one session is necessary. With each session, the hair in the active growing phase will be removed, leaving you hair-free and with a reduced hair regrowth afterwards. The treatment is not painful. The sensation has been likened to feeling like an elastic band being pinged against your skin. There may be some redness afterwards but this soon fades.

Laser hair removal treatment from our North London practice is suitable for a number of different skin types and colours and it can be performed on a large number of different areas of the body. The treatment is just as effective on large skin areas, such as your back or your legs, as it is on smaller, more intimate areas, such as your face. Please get in touch for a full menu of the areas of your face and body that can be targeted with this treatment.

How you can get a laser hair removal appointment

If you’d like to look forward to a future with fewer and far less intensive shaving sessions, why not come and have a consultation with one of the experienced laser hair removal practitioners here at our North London clinic?

We’ll explain exactly what the procedure involves and how best to prepare for it in order to achieve optimal results. We will perform a patch test in order to demonstrate just how effective the treatment is and test whether or not you’re likely to experience any sort of skin reaction. Please get in touch with our friendly North London reception team to book your consultation with us. We will be able to provide an appointment time to suit you and talk you through the whole process.