Untitled design (5)How laser hair removal works

An option that is classed as a life saver due to its ease of access and flexibility can also seem too good to be true. Laser hair removal simply gets rid of any unwanted body and facial for diminished hair growth, but what is the exact process and where can you get laser treatment in London? Here at The Private Skin Laser Clinic we uncover all common questions below.

How is laser removal performed?

With the technology for laser treatments evolving and adapting to suit cosmetic purposes for years now and is now suitable for even using it on your face. Laser hair treatment works by depleting the targeted areas on multiple occasions with short bursts of concentrated light energy. This light energy is absorbed by the pigment in the active hair follicles, breaking them apart and disabling its ability to produce hair quickly. After multiple treatments, some areas may stop producing hair altogether.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Laser hair removal can’t be put down as a completely permanent way to remove unwanted. Body and facial hair, but it does permanently reduce growth of this hair. In some areas, the follicles may be damaged enough to permanently stop producing hair, though its more than likely to see a positive reduction instead. Most clients require a top up appointment a few months after they begin their treatment journey has ended and is completely natural to do so. Due to the treatment taking up to 1-6 sessions on a weekly to monthly basis, it’s important to understand that at the beginning of your treatment journey it ensures a positive reduction in treatment area.

Is laser hair removal safe?

You’ll be pleased to know that hair removal is entirely safe. Here at The Private Skin Laser Clinic we ensure you’ll be in safe hands during your treatment. You will feel a little discomfort while you’re being treated which has been compared to an elastic band being hit against your skin, but it should not be entirely painful. You’ll be provided with the protective eye wear to shield your eyes from any laser light and your treatment should run smoothly, it’s important you wear broad spectrum sun protection because the treated area will be a little vulnerable and sensitive to the sun’s rays.

Laser hair removal side effects

You treated area might be a little swollen and red over the days after your initial procedure which is a completely natural reaction as it just your skin’s inflammatory response to an outside stimulus. Using soothing products such as aloe Vera gel, cold compress, ice pack or a towel doused with cold water with help soothe the irritation and calm your skin. Sun protection is vital and must avoid any unwanted pigmentation changes by sun damage to your temporarily vulnerable skin and applying sun protection whenever you are exposed to sun-rays for a week.

If you’re interested in having laser hair treatment in London, then please don’t hesitate to contact us here at The Private Skin Laser Clinic.