Getting a tattoo can feel almost like a rite of passage for some people, especially when they’re young, feeling impulsive, or are particularly fond of a certain art style or design. Some tattoo recipients remain fond of their tattoos for the rest of their lives, happy with the artist’s handy work or proud of the part of their lives it has come to symbolise. These people need not consider laser tattoo removal.

For some people, however, their tattoos can represent a commitment to inking that they have since grown out of, no longer represents their tastes, or a part of their life they have since left behind. These people, if not opting to cover up with another design, may want to consider laser tattoo removal.

During seasons like winter where we tend to wrap up warm, you don’t necessarily think about your tattoo on show. When the weather starts to warm, summer peers around the corner, and holidays are being discussed, however, your unwanted tattoo may become more pressing.

Unwanted tattoos can be embarrassing for the owner when they’re visible. Summer and warmer weather means clothes that exposes body parts like arms and legs, which can make choosing your wardrobe difficult. If you’re unwanted tattoo is somewhere publically visible in t-shirts and shorts, you may feel the need to cover up. Nobody wants to be hiding their arms and legs in full-length clothing when the sun is beaming down on us, but unwanted tattoos can make this difficult.

Equally so, when we consider our summer holidays, we’re dreaming of pools and beaches. Tattoos not just on the legs and arms but the chest and torso can also become visible when trying to relax around the water. If you feel self-conscious or just annoyed at the fact that your tattoo is showing, it can impede your self-confidence and enjoyment of your holiday.

Laser tattoo removal requires a number of treatment sessions to reach the best outcome, so it’s the perfect time to start preparing for summer.

Our expert treatment uses IPL laser technology, which stands for intense pulsed light. It emits a streamlined and strong beam of light energy to damage the ink under the skin, which absorbs the light and breaks down. The body then clears these small particles of ink ready for the laser to target the next layer of ink at your next session.

It’s incredibly safe and non-surgical and works exceptionally well on black ink. Coloured ink is less likely to be able to disappear completely, but we can still reduce its appearance and immediate visibility.

Laser tattoo removal is another way to prepare for special occasions that you would rather your tattoo wasn’t present for. Weddings, graduations, or anniversaries are all common occasions some people choose to remove their unwanted tattoo for, which we can help with given enough treatment time.

If you have unwanted tattoos that you feel you’d rather remove than cover-up or keep, then the Private Skin Laser Clinic in North London can help. Our expert-led consultations and state of the art technology can safely and effectively reduce the appearance of your tattoo, possibly even remove it, from the comfort of our clinic.

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