Laser Hair Removal North London South East | Hair Removal South East Laser Hair RemovalWith summer just around the corner, aren’t you tired of shaving your legs every day? It’s certainly not as simple as booking a laser hair removal appointment. Perhaps you’ve had waxing treatments before, either at the salon, or from a home kit. It hurts, doesn’t it? Yes, it’s effective, but for the amount of pain you have to go through every few weeks, wouldn’t you prefer to choose a solution that will provide a more long term results, using a treatment method that doesn’t make you scream out loud or bring tears to your eyes? Laser hair removal is the most effective and pain free way to have hair professionally removed from your body and the more sessions you have, the thinner the regrowth!.  


The benefits of laser hair removal in the South East

When you sign up for a few sessions of laser hair removal at our South East clinic, you’ll be so pleased with the results you won’t want to buy any more over the counter products. Why risk patchy effects, when you inevitably miss a bit, sensitive skin or shaving rash, if you don’t have to? Why spend hours in front of the mirror, plucking at prickly rogue hairs, when you can have them removed for good?

The handheld laser device we use has revolutionised hair removal. It works by heating hair follicles with a beam of laser light, rendering them inactive and in many cases, dormant. It can provide a great coverage and the amount of treatment time required will depend on the area being treated. The device will treat, legs, shoulders, stomachs, backs, underarms and bikini lines, but if you need treatment elsewhere, please speak to us and we’ll be able to advise on what’s possible.


What happens during the treatment?

You will feel a slight heating sensation and possibly even a very slight discomfort, but your skin will be kept cool, by the cooling tip of the device. It’s a very safe procedure, performed by our experienced laser therapists. You’ll need to moisturise afterwards, but your skin should be silky smooth to touch. The treatment is also great at removing ingrowing hairs, which can occur as a result of waxing.

The more sessions you attend, the longer the intervals between sessions will be. It’s possible to reduce regrowth by up to 80%, making your bodily hair much more manageable.


About our expert laser therapist team

Our hospital-based team have been providing expert laser hair removal in the South East since 1995. We have treated tens of thousands of patients, all with a variety of different skin and hair colours. Both customer safety and providing excellent results using our cutting edge methods are our priority. For that reason, we have extremely high clinical standards when we perform our cutting edge methods. In the wrong hands, laser treatment can burn or blind, which is why it’s essential you choose the best clinical therapists.

To speak to one of the members of our team about booking an initial consultation, please get in touch. We’ll be able to answer any queries you might have about skin types or appointment times.