The perfect way to de-fuzz for the festive party season is by treating yourself to a laser hair removal treatment at our North London practice. Whichever area of your body or face you’d like to remove hair from will be silky smooth and hair free following the procedure.

It’s also worth noting that the more often you have laser hair treatment, the greater the reduction in hair regrowth you’ll experience. After several sessions, and certainly in time for the summer months, you could find that your hair regrowth is reduced by up to 80%!

Today, to help you make a decision about whether you want to ask your loved ones for laser hair removal vouchers for Christmas, we’re going to answer the most commonly asked questions about this popular treatment:

What are the advantages of laser hair removal

The effects of this treatment are long lasting and the process by which the hair is removed is a relatively pleasant one. Waxing is painful and tweezing is hard work, while shaving your legs every couple of days can get irritating. All of these hair removal methods can also have an irritant effect on your skin.

Laser hair removal takes only 20 minutes on average to perform, but obviously that time will vary according to the amount of coverage required. Backs, chests, entire legs and abdomens will take longer than underarms, bikini lines or small patches on the face.

How does laser hair removal work?

The light energy emitted from our laser hair removal device converts into heat energy, which disables hair follicles. Once the follicles are disabled, more hairs cannot grow from them. The treatment is safe and the skin surrounding the hairs remains untouched.

As hair grows in cycles, only hair follicles that are in an active growing phase can be disabled at the time of the treatment. This is why more than one session is required to significantly reduce future hair growth. Approximately 6-8 sessions are required to potentially provide permanent hair removal from an area.

Is laser hair removal in North London unsafe or painful?

Heat energy occurs during the treatment process, but your skin won’t get too hot thanks to our laser device’s inbuilt cooling system. There may be slight discomfort, or a pinching feeling, but many laser hair removal customers report that this method of removing hair is more pleasant than others available. Used for many years and administered by our skilled and experienced practitioners, the treatment has an excellent safety record.

Is the treatment suitable for all skin types?

We have achieved optimal results from many different skin types, but to ensure that you’re getting good value for money before you book your treatment, why not come and have a consultation with us. We’ll be able to perform a patch test to check you can enjoy all the benefits laser hair removal provides.

To find out more about the range of treatments we offer here in North London, please give our reception team a call today to book your first appointment.