Untitled design copy 11If you suffer from rosacea you’ve probably been in that ‘what do I do?’ situation before.

It’s a difficult and uncomfortable condition to cope with, it causes a feeling of burning or stinging, and is likely to become more painful
when exposed to fun and wind. But there are things you can do (and not
do) to reduce your symptoms and keep rosacea under control.

Face products

When it comes to apply a product to the skin it best to stay clear of very chemically and scented products as rosacea can be easily aggravated by the ingredients and chemical inside. Instead apply a product that contains antioxidants and organic oils as this can protect the skin from UV damage and the oil helps to provide a natural SPF. You can also apply a light, but still protective, sun cream as this will help protect your skin from sunburn and shield the activation of rosacea symptoms such as inflammation and itching.

Health and diet  

What you eat can make a really big impact on how your rosacea looks and feels. Stay clear of beverages that contain alcohol or that are hot, as this can contribute to aggravating the rosacea. Spices in food can also worsen your condition. Its best to research which food and drink product work right for you. Its advised that you eat a healthy and beneficial diet as it provides anti-inflammatory effects. A condition like this can really affect your mental health as it’s a stressful condition to cope with. The best thing for you is to stay as calm as possible. Stress can aggravate rosacea because it increases production of the key stress hormone, cortisol. This hormone has an inflammatory effect on skin and urge flare-ups. Try doing stuff that can potentially take your mind off of it, such as yoga and gentle exercises.


Unfortunately, because this condition flares up when too hot or too cold, it may be best to say away from very hot places such as saunas, hot tubs and sunny holidays. Also stay away from thing that will make you too cold like being out in the snow or swimming in a freezing pool. To deal with this, stay in areas that have a balanced temperate and try having mild baths and showers.


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