A Vancouver based study found that unwanted tattoos are a very common phenomenon, with more men than women seemingly full of regret. A quarter of the people in the study admitted to experiencing frustration due to the stigma attached to their tattoo. And of those who decided to have their ink removed, 69% were men and 31% were women.

We’re not here to comment on the spontaneous nature of men and what causes more of them to have a tattoo they’ll later regret. We’re here to offer help, using the ultra safe laser removal method. Here at the Laser Skin Clinic, situated in the corner of the Royal Free Hospital in London, our doctor-led team uses laser technology to remove tattoos.

The treatment feels a little like having hot fat splattered onto your skin, but should only be uncomfortable for a few seconds. Your skin won’t be cut as it’s not invasive, but the effects will be permanent. Within weeks, you’ll see the colours fade. If you have a tattoo that associates you with your ex, or an ill-advised design that your mates still tease you about, we can help reduce the regret. Our doctors are highly experienced in providing the treatment. Your safety is our priority.

How the treatment works

The lasers we use heat up the ink in your tattoo to break up the colour. With the colour broken up, the destroyed pigments are then removed by your immune system. Different light wavelengths are required to effectively treat each colour. Black ink absorbs light best, so that’s the easiest colour to fade. Some colours are less responsive than others to treatment, but when you visit us for your consultation, we’ll be able to advise you of the sort of results you can hope to achieve. Once we see your tattoo in the flesh, as it were, we’ll also have a better idea of how many separate treatment sessions you’ll need.

Side effects of laser tattoo removal

Bearing in mind that a laser will be penetrating your skin in order to break up the ink, you may experience some mild side effects. Afterwards the area is likely to be red, hot and a little swollen. A few days following treatment, you might get a scab or crust over your tattoo, which must not be picked off.

The skin here will be sensitive to touch and sensitive to sunlight, so sun protection should be worn. Keeping this part of your skin out of the sunlight altogether however, is a better option. Within a few weeks and following the ideal number of treatments that you personally need to achieve a good result, you’ll notice the colours have faded significantly and may not even be visible at all anymore.

To find out more, please get in touch with out highly professional team. We have been delivering successful laser tattoo removal since 1995 and fully expect to remove your unwanted tattoo in a relatively painless way, giving you more self-confidence in your body image. Please get in touch.