BotoxFor the majority of us, when we think of Botox, we think of tighter faces and younger looking skin. And for the most part, this is completely accurate. Botox injections are an incredibly popular anti-wrinkle treatment, for those who are either cautious of developing wrinkles or those who already have prominent signs of aging and wish to soften their appearance.

But something many people don’t know, are the other uses for Botox. In particular, the various medical conditions that a series of Botox injections can prove to be very beneficial towards reducing symptoms. In this blog post, we’ll go through a few of the medical conditions that Botox injections can not only help you with, health wise, but also can restore your confidence and truly make a difference to your everyday life.


  1. Hyperhidrosis 

Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive sweating. Those who suffer with excessive sweating not only sweat profusely under hot temperatures, like those without the condition, but some do not require these conditions to sweat at all. A person suffering with Hyperhidrosis can be in a relatively cool room and can still sweat. This condition is extremely debilitating and can affect your quality of life profusely. Many high-street deodorant products cannot tackle Hyperhidrosis. These products only target the superficial skin, whereas Hyperhidrosis is a problem with your sweat glands. Also, many sufferers may feel too embarrassed to seek out help for their condition.

A simple series of Botox injections can tackle this problem. By injecting into the affected area, which is typically under the arms, hands or feet, the Botox injections relax the sweat glands which are overworking and therefore producing more sweat. The treatment has proved very effective for suffers of Hyperhidrosis.


  1. Muscle pain

When we suffer from muscle or joint pain, this is due to a neurotransmitter in the muscle itself. A series of Botox injections can help to pause this substance from being released to the muscle. In essence, the injections block the signal of pain, meaning you can move freely and without any discomfort. This treatment is particularly effective in the back of the neck, where is not only stops the pain but can actually improve mobility in the area. This is a temporary treatment however, and top-up sessions are required to continue the results of the treatment.


  1. Teeth clenching

Many people clench their teeth unconsciously, sometimes in their sleep. This constant clenching can cause excessive jaw pain, facial pain, shoulder pain and sometimes migraines. Botox can be injected into the clenching muscle to relax it. This treatment will allow the muscle to move much more freely, stopping any pain and clenching.


  1. Depression

Depression is one of the newest medical conditions that Botox is believed to help, although this is still being widely tested. Some scientists believe that our physical movements are highly aligned with which chemicals are released in our brain, controlling our mood. Simply put, if we are less able to form a frown and/or negative expression on our faces, then the brain is less likely to send chemicals to our brain which will lower our mood. By reducing the facial expression, the emotional consequences of this facial expression are also reduced. Again, this theory is still going through vigorous testing. But the results are very interesting!


Botox injections are brilliant at treating fine lines and wrinkles on our faces. At the Private Skin Laser Clinic, we’d love to transform your face and your confidence!

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