While everyone knows that women are no strangers to hair removal, laser hair removal is by no means a women-only procedure. In fact, men are now estimated to make up about 17% of all laser hair removal patients.

Whereas male body hair was once have been regarded as a sign of masculinity, there’s been a recent shift to silky smooth chests and even hair-free legs. Men often seek hair removal treatment here at our London clinic to remove excess hair, especially on their back or shoulders.

Some of our male patients tell us that having a very hairy upper body, for example, has held them back from activities such as swimming and even dramatically impacted on their sex lives. Being excessively hairy can damage a person’s confidence and self-esteem.

Fortunately, treatments such as laser hair removal are viewed with far more open minds than in the past. Men are becoming more open to the idea of cosmetic treatments and investing in their appearance, especially if it will give them self-confidence or make them feel more attractive.

Although you might have tried hair removal methods such as shaving, waxing, depilatory creams or threading, these techniques are generally associated with a level of discomfort, as well as problems caused by in-growing hairs. Beard bumps can be especially problematic for men who have naturally coarse or tightly curling thick hair, and can be an unsightly, painful side effect of shaving.

Laser hair removal is arguably the best form of hair removal currently available. By converting the laser energy to heat, we are able to damage targeted hair follicles in the active growth (anagen) phase and prevent them from growing new hairs. If we carry out several treatments, we are able to target a greater number of hairs.

Research and our own experience would suggest that laser hair removal can lead to an impressive 80% permanent reduction in hair growth. For many men, this is a life-changing treatment.

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