facial-thread-veinsThere’s a chance you might experience the odd single thread vein in your late thirties, or early forties, particularly if you drink a lot of alcohol, or sunbathe excessively. However, it’s when you reach your late forties and early fifties that thread veins have a tendency to proliferate. These spidery red veins, close to the surface of your skin, affect men and women.

As well as being unsightly, they can also be a tell-tale sign of how old you are, given that they are so frequently an age-related skin condition. It is logical then, that removing thread veins will make you look younger than your years. How many of them you have is often related to your genetics, but luckily our cutting edge thread vein removal techniques will rid you of each of them, one by one.

How thread vein laser treatment works

Our experienced laser operators will use a laser specific to the task in hand to apply a concentrated light pulse to the affected area. This laser light damages the blood vessel walls of the thread vein by heating them; an action which will lead to your spidery and prominent thread veins drying out and being reabsorbed. They will gradually shrink and disappear out of sight over time, following several treatment sessions.

Is laser treatment from our North London clinic suitable for you?

Laser treatment is only recommended for thread veins when they are no longer than 4mm long. Your own individual veins will be assessed by a professional laser practitioner when you have your initial consultation with us. Then, once you have been declared a suitable candidate for this treatment, with a view to the practitioner feeling confident that he or she can deliver a treatment that will make a significant and positive difference to your skin tone, you will be made aware of exactly what the treatment involves. You will discuss what will happen on the day of your appointment, how long it’s likely to take for your thread veins to disappear and how you should look once they’ve been removed.

Be advised that common side effects of laser treatment to remove thread veins include some slight redness around the treated area and possibly some discomfort too, but this will soon settle down. If you live in North London and your thread veins are bothering you, why not come and have a consultation with one of our laser experts. Our clinic is located in the Royal Free Hospital and we welcome new patients. Please give us a call to book your consultation.