The Chicago Vein Institute reported that an estimated 41% of women over 50 have varicose veins. That is close to half the women in the world who are over 50. Are they living with them? Are you living with them? Here at our clinic in North London, we see the effects varicose veins can have on a woman’s, or a man’s, confidence. Men are also affected and can be treated in the same way.

Varicose veins are unsightly and they draw negative attention to the legs. Even if people aren’t looking at your veins, your perception is that they are and this will naturally affect how you feel about your appearance. Our professionals can help in North London.

Seeking help for varicose veins

Perhaps you’ve looked into surgical treatment for varicose veins? This involves the stripping away of the veins with general anaesthetic and obviously involves a little scarring potential, as well as a lengthy recovery period. What you may not know is that there are less invasive treatments available.

According to Fox News, in a varicose veins study that took place in the UK in the last five years, non-invasive removal methods are considered best. The effectiveness of the treatment, how quickly the patients recovered, as well as how transformed their quality of life was following treatment, were all taken into account.

What are varicose veins and what causes them?

They’re simply blood vessels that have grown larger, become swollen and then twisted, causing them to function less effectively, as well as look unsightly. It’s to do with faulty valves forcing the blood to flow the wrong way in some areas, resulting in a pooling of blood and increased pressure on the vein.

Varicose veins are a result of your veins becoming weaker with age, although some hereditary and lifestyle factors can exacerbate the condition.

What does non invasive treatment involve?

We have a highly experienced and qualified practitioner as part of our North London team, who offers sclerotherapy treatment. This involves injecting a special foam into the vein to seal it shut. An ultrasound scan is used to direct the injection to the target area. Local anaesthetic is used to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible and your veins should fade within a few weeks.

There is a minimal recovery time and your damaged vein will cease to be filled with blood. Your legs will be smoother and free from unsightly varicose veins. Please bear in mind that there is a chance one session may not be enough, particularly if you have multiple veins that need treating, or the problem returns.

To book yourself in for a consultation at our North London clinic, please give us a call. We’ll be happy to examine your varicose veins with a view to providing you with a bespoke treatment plan.