As the winter and spring months move past us, we all start working hard to look and feel our best for summer. We make a special effort to exercise more, eat well, and often our hair removal routine becomes more regimented to get that soft radiant skin we all love in the summer time. As much as we love to have that pristine aesthetic, it can be difficult to maintain. If you’re finding shaving, waxing or epilating too time consuming and irritating to your skin, why not try Laser Hair Removal treatments at The Private Skin Laser Clinic?

#PRO – Private Skin Laser Clinic are true professionals

The Private Skin Laser Clinic have been a leading provider of laser treatments since 1995, so you can be confident that you’re in expert hands. Our laser hair removal treatments are hospital based , led by registered nurses and delivered to the highest clinical standards. With our cutting edge treatment, we achieve exceptional results for patients of all skin types and skin tones. Here’s an example of a typical patient experience:

‘The results were amazing! I’ve had two session so far; the facial hair is thinner and it takes a much longer time for a regrowth. Just like with earlier reviews, I feel safer and in better hands being in the hospital than with the independent clinic.’ – @MamaG



Because every patient is unique, with different needs and expectations, at Private Skin Laser Clinic, we tailor our Laser Hair Removal treatments to suit each patient, and their desired result. We use different lasers with each skin tone and hair colour. On white to pale brown skin we treat patients with an Alexandrite (we call this a red light) laser, and darker brown to black skin is treated with a long-pulsed Nd:YAG. We vary in the strength of lasers so that our patients are able to get the outstanding results they deserve.

Unfortunately, we are unable to treat tanned skin, including fake tan.

#CON – Your Skin May Feel Sensitive Post-Treatment

After a Laser Hair Removal session, patient’s skin may feel sensitive initially, with some possible redness and goose bumps; but this is typically alleviated with cold air and should pass after a couple of days. Some patients also experience peeling, scabbing with temporary discolouration of skin, usually appearing similar to a dark mark. However most agree that Laser Hair Removal is a relatively painless alternative to methods like hot waxing, electrolysis and epilating.

In extremely rare cases scarring, loss of skin pigment can occur with potential for loosening dental veneers and thrombosis of small veins. Although this may appear to be somewhat daunting, the chance of experiencing these side effects are highly unlikely, and greatly reduced when treatments are led by experienced laser therapists, practitioners and clinicians such as the ones in our incredible team here at The Private Skin Laser Clinic. If you have any queries regarding a treatment, our friendly and insightful team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

#PRO – Laser Hair Removal Can Lead to Permanent Results

Although every patient’s hair growth cycles tend to differentiate based on the person and area of the body; our clients tend to see significant results from Laser Hair Removal within the first set of sessions. The Private Skin Laser Clinic’s Laser Hair Removal procedure advocates slow hair growth as well as more fine and fair hair between treatments. After initial appointments, our clients begin to see long term results.

#CON – Laser Hair Removal Requires Commitment in The Initial Stages

If you are looking to get the most from your treatment, a small amount of commitment is required to get the best results. When treating bodies with Laser Hair Removal it is key to treat hair in the earliest phase of the hair growth cycle (also known as the anagen stage) to encourage permanent results. If patients keep up with their appointments every 4-6 weeks at the beginning of their treatment, they can expect a significant increase in appearance, quality and longevity of their results. Patients may be asked to come into the clinic for further appointments dependent on the area being treated, hair coarseness, hormones and general health.

#PRO – Laser Hair Removal Is Fast

Laser Hair Removal is ideal for targeting large surface areas abundantly whilst still being a fast and efficient procedure. Laser hair removal sessions can take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour depending on which part of the body is being treated. No debris or treatment remnants to wash off post-treatment, clients can go about their day, without worrying about daily shaving, protecting their skin and managing their time.