tummy-scarScars, whether due to injury, acne, surgery, or other means, can have a terrible psychological impact on those who have them. Getting a scar, particularly on your face, can alter the way you view your looks, lower your self esteem and decrease the confidence you have in your appearance.

To others your scar might be no big deal, but if it really bothers you, then there is plenty that can be done to remove it, or at least reduce how visible it is. Here at The Private Skin Laser Clinic in London we see scars of all sorts of sizes, some red, some flesh-coloured, some raised and some close to the skin. It’s unlikely that we won’t have seen, or treated a scar like yours before.

The laser treatment you’ll receive depends on the type of scar you have and where it is on your body. You’ll have a consultation with the practitioner beforehand to assess your scar and discuss the different treatment options available, as well as discuss how your scar is likely to look following treatment.

The pulse dye laser is what we used to treat many red scars, while the fractionated CO2 laser can handle a multitude of different scars. With the latter, tiny holes are drilled into the scar to relax it. This has the effect of stopping your skin from supplying collagen to the scar in its original shape, but instead remodels it so that the new collagen produced as a result of the laser treatment serves the scar tissue in a more aesthetic way.

The laser makes hundreds of tiny wounds in your scar during treatment. It will be hot and sharp for a second and your skin may be hot for an hour or so afterwards. You will be wearing goggles to protect your eyes during the procedure. There will be redness as well afterwards. Ice packs, steroid cream and paracetamol should help settle the swelling.

You should avoid exposure to the sun on the targeted area following treatment too, because your skin will be more sensitive here. You should start to notice a difference in a few months following treatment. This is when the new collagen will take effect.

If you’d like us to assess your scar with a view to advising you on how best to remove it, please give our reception team a call to book a consultation with one of our qualified and experienced practitioners. We are based in the corner of the Royal Free hospital in London and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about treatment.

Don’t feel you have to live with your scar and the effect it’s having on your self-esteem. Scar removal is possible and effective.