If you’re reading this, you’ve probably just discovered your first facial thread vein and you’re wondering if the expert team here at our North London clinic can help? We can! Facial thread veins appear as tiny red streaks on the face, which are bright enough to resist being covered by subtle makeup and prominent enough to annoy us when we look in the mirror. We can remove them by exposing them to a laser, which will heat them out of existence.

Non-smokers and people who drink very little alcohol are likely to resist thread veins for longer, but they do tend to appear with age, or when our hormone balance is upset. Pregnant women are very susceptible to them. It’s not just your face they can affect, but also your body and legs. We tend to treat a lot of facial thread veins, however, as they’re harder to hide when they appear here.

Using laser treatment to remove facial thread veins in North London

Here at the Private Skin laser Clinic, we use a pulse dye laser to remove thread veins. The yellow light that the laser emits is soaked up the red colour of the vein and the vein is then heated and reduced. Laser treatment is a safe and effective way to make a difference to the appearance of thread veins, because although it heats the targeted vein, none of the surrounding skin area is affected.

You may need 2 or 3 sessions to remove the thread vein completely, but once you do, you’ll be surprised by the difference that the removal of such a small blemish can make. You’ll not only have a smoother, more even skin tone, but you’ll also look naturally younger, given that thread veins are associated with the ageing process.

We can perform facial thread vein laser treatment from our North London clinic on most skin types, but in order for us to confirm that you’re a suitable candidate, please book a consultation with us. We’ll then be able to assess your skin and provide you with any additional information you may need.

Beat the winter blues this year, by giving your confidence a boost. When we look better, we fell better and it’s never been easier to get the thread vein help you need, here in North London.