If you’ve ever had a tattoo you now regret, you’re certainly not alone. According to numerous surveys, approximately a third of people who have had a tattoo go on to regret it at some point. Perhaps you had the name of an ex-partner written on your arm at a moment when it felt like you’d be together forever? Or, perhaps your design depicts a former club of which you once a member, or interest that now feels dated.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of hasty, spontaneous tattoos we see, all of which represented something meaningful at the time of their application, but may have taken just minutes for the wearer to realise that their embarrassing ink is permanent!

So 33% of the tattooed population have had second thoughts about their tattoo. That’s a lot of people who wish they could see their own skin, instead of the colours on it. Do they know there’s now an effective, accessible treatment which can remove tattoos and restore natural skin colours. More and more people are making enquiries in our clinic, so the word is certainly spreading.

About our North London-based laser tattoo removal service

The effectiveness of laser tattoo removal, as well as how many sessions you’ll need in order for the tattoo to disappear, depends on a number of different factors. In the first instance, you’ll need to have a consultation with one of our practitioners here at The Private Skin Laser Clinic in North London. We’re located in the corner of the Royal Free hospital.

Once we’ve determine the shape, size, location and colours used in your tattoo, we’ll be able to give you a better idea of how you’ll look following laser treatment. Some colours fade faster and more effectively than others. Tattoos in sensitive areas may need to be treated more carefully.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

The laser we use is operated by one of our highly experienced practitioners. The light penetrates the skin and breaks up the colour particles, which causes them to fade. Over time, these colour particles will be removed by your immune system. The treatment can be uncomfortable, but only as uncomfortable as having the tattoo in the first place. The sensation has been likened to having your skin splashed by hot fat.

If you have a tattoo you’d like removed, please give us a call here at our North London clinic in order to book a consultation. We will need to see the tattoo itself in order to provide you with an accurate estimate of how long it will take to be removed and how often you’ll have to visit us to receive treatment. Please get in touch.