The Private Skin Laser Clinic in London specialises in the treatment of acne scarring. We also treat scars from other causes with fractionated CO2 laser treatment.

If you still have active acne we will want to treat this first. Acne is caused by blocked oil glands in the skin. The pore at the opening of oil glands is very narrow and easily blocked especially where the skin is thicker such as the face and back. The trapped oil starts to go sour and this causes inflammation - spots. Treatment is aimed both at the blocked pores and the inflammation. Squeezing and picking spots is not a good way of treating acne and is likely to do more harm than good, even if it is satisfying.

Benzoyl peroxide gel, Vitamin A derived gels and Azelaic acid gel are all good pore unblockers. Like all acne treatments they have to be persisted with as the results are not instant. Antibiotics work best on the inflammation and also have to be taken for weeks or months. Roaccuttane is good for both inflammation and blocked pores. It is the most effective acne treatment but also has the most side effects. If you are getting cystic acne you can discuss optimising your medication with your specialist to reduce scarring.