Excision & Subcision

In this treatment, a surgical needle is used in subcision to release deep tethering beneath a scar. A punch biopsy is used to take out small scars, replacing them with smaller scars. Several scars can be treated in one procedure.

How does it work?

Removing tethering can help lift sunken scars. Punch excision of ‘ice pick’ scars can replace them with a smaller neater scar.

What preparation is required?

You should not have these procedures if you have any skin infections or cold sores, or are prone to keloid scars. You will be asked to remove all make up and jewellery. Any medication you are taking will need to be checked and you will be asked if you are allergic to local anaesthetic.

What is it like?

The local anaesthetic stings while it is taking effect. You may feel some gentle tugging and pulling but this should not be painful. A stitch is used at each excision site. Some bruising and discomfort can be expected.

What are the risks?

There is a very small risk of keloid scar formation and wound infection. These may make your scars look worse. There maybe some bruising but this settles naturally.

What results can I expect?

There should be a gradual improvement in the appearance of the scars. The scars will not go but the aim is to make them less obvious. About half of patients are pleased with the effects. About a quarter notice some benefit, and another quarter do not feel it helps.

What aftercare is required?

You should leave the treated areas alone. Any stitches will need taking out after 5 days. If any symptoms worsen please contact the clinic on 020 7435 7521.