Tertiary Laser Clinic (offered by the Royal Free Foundation NHS Trust)

The Private Skin Laser Clinic provides its facilities and lasers to the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust for a dedicated tertiary laser clinic. This NHS clinic offers expert treatment for facial port wine stains, vascular birth marks, naevus of ota and telangiectasias related to connective tissue disease and other rhumatological conditions. Both Dr Rhonda Meys and Dr Mark Griffiths, Consultant Dermatologists provide this service. A primary care referral or a consultant referral is required and should be addressed to the Dermatology Department, Royal Free Hospital. Pond Street, London, NW3 2QG.

Private Skin Laser Clinic

Independently to the Royal Free NHS Trust, the Private Skin Laser Clinic works directly with several Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) across London and England. We have a long tradition of providing NHS-funded treatments for certain conditions linked with medical conditions. This includes hirsutism linked with poly-cystic ovaries, hair removal for pilonidal sinus, hair removal for unwanted hair linked with skin surgery and severe rosacea.

We also provide treatment for unwanted hair for people undergoing gender reassignment.

Primary care and hospital consultant referrals are required for NHS patients and must be accompanied by Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) funding approval for assessment. Referral should be sent to the Private Skin Laser Clinic, Clinic 6, Royal Free Hospital, Pond Street, NW3 2QG

If your CCG has a process to secure funding for treatment then this is also required. If there is no process to secure funding for treatment then the consultant dermatologist will submit an individual funding request to NHS England.

Please advise patients who do not already have funding for treatment that funding for treatment is not guaranteed.

If you are a commissioner and would like to discuss our services please contact the laser clinic by email or phone.